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I usually don’t submit rebviews, but for this life changing product I’d be doing a disservice to you if I didnt. Where was this 6 years ago with my first son? So my baby currently nurses only on one breast per feeding. This leaves the 2nd breast full and uncomfortable, forcing me to pump each time. I nurse on demand (every hour to 3 hours to be exact), so that’s a lot of pumping. I use the milk collectors 2 different ways. With each nursing session, I place the collector on the opposite breast and allow it to collect the “let down” while I nurse. This yields about 3-4oz per feeding from one breast. The second way I use it is when I’m in the house or car and need to pump (for stored milk for when I go back to work) but don’t have time to sit down for 15 minutes. I attach 2 collectors and go about my business. I usually can collect anywhere from 3 to 7oz. I highly recommend this product to EVERYONE who nurses. I’m a NICU nurse, so this “liquid gold” will never be wasted again! Thank you!

Best milk invention ever!!!!

My sister bought me a haakaa, and it worked so well I decided to try out the off brand here Babydood. There’s no real difference between them, Babydood works just as well as haakaa, and I use them interchangeably. GREAT product! I save way more milk now just using this each time my baby nurses as opposed to trying to pump when he’s napping. I’m an overproducer and I used to set aside 10 oz a day pumping, but now with this silicone milk suction product I set aside 30 oz a day. Just a note, if you have an abundant supply, you will want to keep a bottle nearby and periodically empty the milk into it. Also you may need to re-squeeze it a couple times as it loses suction from pulling out so much liquid. You just have to pay attention every now and then to make sure it doesn’t fall off and lose the milk if it gets too full!

Must Buy

I am so happy with my purchase! I was able to purpose two with a cover for the price of one with a cover. I didn’t realize how much milk my unlatched side was trying to let down without this.

Wouldn’t purchase again

Had tried the product numerous times when nursing on one breast and using item on other. Had to continuously readjust product and had unsuctioned many times, twice causing me to lose milk- which as any breastfeeding mother knows- is awful.

Hi, Thanks for your review. You could try this tips and lot of mama report it work very well https://www.facebook.com/BabyDoodStore/photos/a.1837568576347399/1837566433014280/?type=3&theater You can put it in a cup to avoid to spill
Amazing product

Im a new mommy to a baby boy my 4th love angel. In past ive always sworn by electric til my sister told me about this it works amazing. Just fold top squeeze bottom and apply the breast. It actually holds onto breast too without falling and wasting liquid gold ( breastmilk). Im sold on this and telling everyone mom to be about it.

Great product! Super pleased!

I am super happy with my purchase. I ordered a set of two on 2/4 and they were delivered on 2/9. I also received the new model even though the new model was not an option when I placed my order. My baby is just over a month old and I've been doing several things to keep my supply up so I can save up a decent stash. I've been using these since I first washed them yesterday morning and I LOVE them! Silent, so I can pump every time he eats and more, even at night without waking anyone else up. I got 3oz the first time after just 30 min of feeding! I've already recommended it to my sisters and other mommy friends, and I may end up ordering another set in time. Thank you Babydood!!

No Waste!!

This product is simply amazing! When I first collected my leaking milk in one sitting I was amazed to find 2 ounces in the bottle from ONE breast after 10 minutes. To think that I was simply "mopping" it up with a rag before is a horror - all that good milk going to waste! I can save a bag of 8-10oz in just one day of the leaks from one side while I breastfeed. My father said, "Is that all you're able to pump...?" And I had to explain how you leak in one side as you breastfeed on the other (his wife - my mom - never breastfed so he had no idea). He said, "Oh, then that's pretty incredible!!" And my sister said she wished she had known about this while she was breastfeeding. GAME. CHANGER. !!!!

Use all the time-- Love it! :-)


I use this more than my electric pump. It's really amazing. I love that its not loud and that I can do it in the middle of the night without waking my spouse or the baby. Also, when I am out in about I can use it while driving and no one can tell under a sweatshirt. For this price you can't beat that. I was looking at getting a Willow but with a newborn who has $400 to throw around plus I already have an electric pump. This just really is a great thing that was made and I will continue to use it.

I purchased 2 of them. :-) I would recommend it for all breastfeeding mothers that are interested. Satisfied customer here.


These are amazing. I’ve been able to save and freeze so much more because of these and the price point is way better than the ones at target yet quality is exactly the same. Highly recommend. Would buy again. Wish I had them for my son when he was born!


I got this after watching the video and I have to say I was super skeptical but it was cheap so I figured why not give it a go? This product is honestly amazing! I can’t believe how much milk I’m able to get literally as I’m breastfeeding on the other side! So cool!! Such a win. I’m traveling in a week and thought I’d have to bring all my pumping stuff but I’m just bringing this! I’m sure it will be plenty. So so cool!! I highly recommend. The picture was my first use!

Game changer for the bedroom. Increase intimacy now.

This pillow was a game changer for our bedroom. My husband saw this on a ad and bought this for us on Valentine’s Day. He loves to cuddle but doesn’t like his arm falling asleep. This pillow allows us to cuddle longer without the frustration of arms going numb or moving around to get comfortable. Longer cuddling equals lasting intimacy. We both love this pillow. Try it for yourself.

Loved them!

I was skeptical about ordering these but I'm so glad I did. Got them today and they fit perfectly for my feet which I'm a size 11 in women. Love the color too, will definitely purchase more colors.

Lightweight and durable

Amazing comfort, worry-free grip and they dry in a flash! I loved all the color options; I'll probably but a second pair. They're so comfy, I even drive wearing them home from the beach/lake!

Water socks that feel like regular socks

Perfect for that little added protection without the bulkiness of a rugged water shoe/sneaker. I will be wearing these often.. Fit great, feel non existent and look sharp!

Just like it is described

I love the color changing on this. My kids absolutely adore it. It works perfectly just as described. No issues at all. Would definitely recommend.

Great for collecting extra milk

It does what it says. Collects extra milk while the baby is nursing. The lids that came with it are not spill proof. That's why I'm giving 4 stars and not 5.

Milk Sucker

It arrived fast and I love it. It is high quality and easy to use. I started using it when my baby was 6 weeks (she is now 8 weeks), and catch 2-4 ounces while she nurses. It is not a pump designed to stimulate production, but catch milk from the other breast while the baby nurses. Instead of letting the milk go to waste into a pad. If you have difficulty saving enough milk, this will help a lot.


This is the most amazing product ever invented! I have told everyone about it and have ordered a few for fellow moms!!! Truly the greatest thing I have right now


This has seriously been a game changer for me! I am able to fill a 6oz bag of milk everyday! I wish I had this with my first 2 kids! My advice, BUY IT!

Can’t review honestly

Can’t give my honest review yet because my baby isn’t here yet so I have nothing to pump but I love the design and the ease. Only one part to clean instead of many different parts. And the fact that it can be used hands free is awesome.

Soft and Comfortable

It is very soft. My baby will rest better thanks to this pillow.

Almost wish I never bought it...

I have been trying to potty train my daughter who is almost 3. She LOVES this step stool! I almost wish I never bought it... almost. My daughter lifts and places this thing everywhere. She brings it in the kitchen and places it right in front of the dishwasher so she can reach the counter. She uses it at the bathroom sink and can now turn on the water all by herself (argh). This really is a great step stool but her new learned independence is kicking my but. Haha.

Daughters loved it!

Really cute nightlight for my daughter. Works perfectly and even spins for effect. We love the different colors it emits. I wasn't a fan of the multicolored ones since it is 2 or 3 separate lights and created 3 moons on the ceiling rather than one but it is pretty with the cover on. Check out the video to see what I mean. But overall, it's an amazing price for what it can do with all the functions.

I don’t know how I ever survived without this pillow

I’m currently pregnant with my 4th and I honestly don’t know HOW I ever lived without this pillow. I CAN SLEEP NOW! It was becoming so unbearable, trying to get comfortable so that I could get any sleep was a joke.

I finally decided on this pillow, after the painstaking process of reading reviews and searching through different listings. I am SO happy that I did! It’s a fantastic, versatile pillow. The cover is removable and super soft, like your “favorite Tee”, T-shirt fabric. I read reviews mentioning the seam splitting after washing (let’s be honest, SUPER SOFT T-shirt fabric is FRAGILE)....I initially washed the cover in a mesh bag but this last time I wasn’t thinking and threw it in the wash load without, no biggie, I have a little to-go sewing kit to stitch up the micro tiny hole in the seam. Still works great, cover and all. I LOVE THIS PILLOW.

Stop waiting, just buy it

I waited to buy this pillow, thinking I would be able to just handle being surrounded by regular bed pillows and made it up to 27 weeks before caving and treating myself. I wish I hadn't waited. It seems like an expensive purchase to use only a few months, but it is so worth it. The pillow surrounds your body if you want it to (if you put the pillow between your legs for hip support flipping from side to side is still a pain). But I just curl mine up in a figure 8 shape and sleep on top of it. I can lay anyway I want on top and don't feel hip pain or pressure throughout the night. It is so comfortable I am finally sleeping and it is helping with hip and back pain. Plus, you don't have to worry about your many pillows falling on the ground or being thieved by your partner.